Woy Woy Public School Preschool

Early learning service
May 2022 to May 2023

At Guliyali Preschool we are committed to building a culture of belonging and to provide a safe environment where all people, children and adults are challenged and supported to achieve their personal best. Our commitment to reconciliation, is guided by our whole School Plan and the three key themes of reconciliation: Relationships, Respect and Opportunities. By making this commitment, we aim to create a place of teaching and learning that is culturally inclusive, where aspirations are fostered, diversity is acknowledged and genuine conversations about closing the gap between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples are ongoing.

We honour the Traditional Custodians of the Country and seek to understand the complete story of Australia's histories through listening and learning together. We choose compassion and curiosity as we focus on the strengths and diversities of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples' cultures and value systems to create connection and be a catalyst for change. We look forward to a future of unity, equal and equitable opportunity and respect of all people whilst still maintaining cultural identities. We honour the strong connections we have with our community and standing shoulder to shoulder with them we aim to promote and facilitate respect, trust and positive relationships between the wider community and the local First Nations People.

"A reconciled Australia would be a nation that has a visioin to move forward together; with Aboriginal People's to enjoy the beautiful Country we live in together and respectful of all who live here". Aunty Elaine Chapman : Proud Wiradjuri Woman and Mingaletta Elder.

As we move into the future, Guliyali Preschool will ensure that our Reconciliation Action Plan is valued, embraced and celebrated by our community in accordance with our vision for reconciliation.