The Discovery House

Early learning service
November 2021 to November 2022

Here at The Discovery House, we strive to be inclusive of all cultures, traditions and religions that are a part of our community. All the educators have come together in hope that we can create an environment that also specifically includes a respect for the place of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples, traditions, cultures and continuing contributions in our reconciliation journey, and our shared national story and identity.    To us, reconciliation means listening to, and acknowledging, the diversity of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories, cultures and perspectives. We value learning from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and hope to ensure we respectfully embed First Peoples’ cultures and perspectives within our everyday learning practices. We want to create an open line of communication between the centre and our local Darug community, and embrace opportunities to build relationships with, and learn from, our local community.    A reconciled Australia looks like a country that celebrates and acknowledges First Peoples within all aspects of our lives. It feels like forgiveness, a celebration of rich cultures, and respecting diverse ways of living and learning.  We are learning that there is so much information to share, but that information can be delicate and careful reflection on the most respectful ways to engage in teaching and learning about reconciliation is required. As such, all the educators are committed to participating in professional learning to support them in passing knowledge on to the children we teach in the most meaningful and appropriate ways. We envision this creating a flow on effect, whereby children will understand the importance of learning about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures and will share this understanding with their friends, families and eventually children.  Reconciliation is everyone’s responsibility. We all benefit from learning, listening and respecting.