Vaucluse Cottage


Vaucluse Cottage recognises and acknowledges Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people as the Traditional Custodians of Australia; with unique cultures, languages and spiritual relationships with the land and seas. Vaucluse Cottage acknowledges the profound injustices perpetrated against Australia's First People since colonisation. We are strongly committed to improving the lives of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people now and in the future; by demonstrating leadership in reconciliation through promoting respectful collaboration and partnership with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. Vaucluse Cottage strives to work in a meaningful way, value, strengthen and empower Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children, their families and communities. We aim to promote and raise awareness of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures and histories amongst children, families and the wider community by embedding them in Vaucluse Cottage. Our vision for the future is that there will be a positive change; that all Australians embrace and appreciate Elders past, present and future for the wisdom and knowledge they hold and share. Vaucluse Cottage is contributing to an Australia where Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander staff, children and families feel a sense of belonging and strong connections with community and Country; cultural identity is respected, they are they feel comfortable in our learning environment and the children are recognised and nurtured as the creators, thinkers and doers of today and tomorrow. Australians will know we are truly reconciled when the past is no longer a barrier to forming relationships of friendship and trust. Working in solidarity can be very powerful - we must all play an active part in working towards this vision.  

Early learning service
June 2019 to June 2020
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People in the Classroom View
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Acknowledgement of Country View
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