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Scotch College Adelaide understands our College’s position in history. We have an appreciation of our 100-year history as a school and our beginnings as a brainchild of Scottish immigrants, upon a landscape that has continued to be intricately connected to Kaurna People for many thousands of years. Our vision is to respectfully embed within our curriculum, culture and community an understanding of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ histories, cultures, and world views, alongside creating, encouraging and nurturing connections with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples today. It is imperative to understand our College’s place in this story and to know current challenges and complexities in order to empower our students with many various understandings and abilities to innovatively confront current and future situations. This must be undertaken with understanding and connections, alongside local Aboriginal communities as well as a national understanding of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and their perspectives. Our vision is for Scotch College and its surrounding community is to move along a positive and rewarding path together toward reconciliation, in particular with Kaurna people, the Traditional Owners of the Land on which Scotch College stands.

Our overarching goal is to authentically and respectfully move forward toward a shared future where Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures, histories and perspectives are innately considered within our school structures.

June 2019 to June 2020
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People in the Classroom View
Cultural Competence for Staff View
Welcome to Country View
Celebrate National Reconciliation Week View
Build Relationships with Community View
Teach about Reconciliation View
Explore Current Affairs and Issues View
Acknowledgement of Country View
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Flags View
Take Action Against Racism View
Curriculum Planning View
Inclusive Policies View
Staff Engagement with RAP View
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