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Reconciliation for us at Mueller College OSHC means bringing together people of all backgrounds in an open platform of mutual respect for each other's beliefs, backgrounds and history in the hope of promoting a reconciled Australia. This reconciled Australia would be a country that values where it has come from and where it is going and acknowledges the contributions of many that have made it the Nation it is.

Our reconciliation journey and learning thus far, has led us to a place where we wish to deepen our understanding of true inclusion and strive to authentically, embed Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander cultures throughout all aspects of our service. We continue to explore more regular contact with the local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community. In addition, the Service is dedicated to drawing on the history and experience of the original owners of the land and to embracing their unique culture.

Meaningfully engagement with families at Mueller College will allow our Students to grow their understanding and acceptance of others, including their perspectives and experiences. Specifically, to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures, we as a service can encourage our families to broaden their own knowledge and value the contributions of all those who helped shape our national story and identity. In doing so we hope that families in our community will begin to share their own histories and cultures in a safe and truly inclusive environment.

Early learning service
July 2020 to July 2021
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