St John Bosco College

June 2022 to June 2023

The Dharawal People have their own living culture and heritage, and are the Traditional Custodians of the Land where St John Bosco College resides. Their wisdom and ongoing connection to Country has continued for thousands of years and is what inspires us in making positive actions towards reconciliation. We are committed to learn more about First Nations histories, cultures, languages and customs at St John Bosco College. By working closely with our community and respectfully integrating Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures across the curriculum and College, we hope to raise awareness, understanding and further educate staff and students alike. We want reconciliation at our College to have a focus on empathy as this is gained from a deeper understanding of Australia’s true histories and recognition of the relationship between past, present and future. Education at St John Bosco College is driven by the heart, reinforced by our Salesian values. These values strengthen our vision and motivation towards reconciliation by providing a community of belonging and acceptance, preparing all students for life beyond school. Embedding a foundation of respect and harmony amongst different cultures is a priority in our College. We aim to work with  the local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community to build cultural awareness with staff and students, eliminate racism and strengthen the relationships between wider members of our College community and First Nations staff, students, and families. Our vision is for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander staff and students is to feel culturally safe and appreciated within our College, and for all staff and students to feel pride in learning about and celebrating First Peoples’ histories, cultures, languages and customs during their time at St John Bosco College. Our shared pride in  First Nations cultures and heritage, and continuing contributions is a legacy that will continue to strengthen throughout the College over time and be passed on to each new generation of students that are welcomed into our school community.